Blossom Blast Saga
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Blossom Blast Saga
What to expect:
  • Flower Power in the Puzzle Game Blossom Blast Saga
  • Match-3 Game for Android and iOS
  • Various Game Modes and Challenging Gameplay
  • More than 100 Challenging Levels
  • Official Ranking of You and Your Friends
  • Mobile Games
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  • iOS
  • Fun Games
  • Puzzle
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Experience Blossom Blast Saga on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Delve into a colorful world of flowers and buds in Blossom Blast Saga developed by King!


Publisher King is known for quite a lot of iconic match-3 games, including Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga. We’re sure that you’ve either played one of the two or at least have gotten invited to check them out on Facebook. Blossom Blast Saga definitely neatly blends into the studio’s portfolio of games.

Your main task in the mobile game for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads is to connect at least three buds of the same type. You might be familiar with this concept from other match-3 games. As soon as you’ve connected the buds, they will blossom into a colorful chain of flowers. Every player with a green thumb will certainly have a blast (no pun intended)! The longer your chain of blooming flowers is, the higher your high-score will be. As a particularly clever player, you are also out for some special effects which are abundant in Blossom Blast Saga. As soon as you’ve cleared an entire patch, you will experience an Awesome Blossom which brings flower power to your display. As you might know from other titles of the genre, you jump from one level to the next in this mobile game – each getting a little more difficult than the one before. In the beginning of your gaming session, you will have five lives. With each unsuccessful attempt, you will lose one of your lives that will recharge over time.

Making Points with Your Green Thumb

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert on flowers in order to succeed in Blossom Blast Saga. The only thing that matters is that you can find long chains of the same buds and connect them in order to get blooming flowers. There are four different game modes in the match-3 game:

  • Scoring Mode: Pretty self-explanatory. Your main task is to collect as many points as possible.
  • Remove the Weeds Mode: Get rid of unnecessary weeds in your garden. Simply connect the flowers surrounding the weeds.
  • Big Bud Mode: Keep an eye out for big buds of the same color.
  • Collect Flowers Mode: Connect flowers of a determined color.

If you want to play Blossom Blast Saga for free, simply download the app in the Google Play Store or on iTunes for your iOS device.

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Blossom Blast Saga Tips & Tricks

  • Blossom Blast Saga: Tips for Beginners!

    11/14/2015 04:20 am - Blossom Blast Saga is King’s latest match-3 game for Android and iOS devices. Instead of candy, players have to bring flower buds to a bloom. In order for you to know what kind of challenges await you, the further you progress in the puzzle game, we...more

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