Bloodline Champions
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Bloodline Champions
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Bloodline Champions Description

In this action MMOG you are summoned to partake in intense PvP combat, in a land ruled by several different bloodlines. Explore the vast landscapes and enter a world of mystery...


Bloodline Champions is a free-to-play combat-rich online game. You start the client game by selecting one of four bloodlines and 16 character classes. Enter the various game modes and come face-to-face with your enemies in action-packed combat. The game is comprised of short and intense matched, whereby up to ten players divided into two teams battle against each other in fast-paced high-intensity combat.

In the MMORPG Bloodline Champions you can fight against other bloodlines and enemies in round-based game modes in the Arena, epic all-in Capture the Artifact matches and challenging Conquests.

The four categories of bloodlines in MMOG Bloodline Champions include Healing, Ranged Damage, Tank and Melee Damage. The Healing bloodline includes the poisonous Alchemist, the powerful Psychopomp, the supporting Herald and the diverse Astronomer. The Ranged Damage bloodline includes the fiery Igniter, the cunning Gunner, the swift Nomad and the advanced Engineer. The Tank bloodline includes the havoc-wreaking Glutton, the fierce Vanguard, the skilled Inhibitor and the snaring Thorn. Lastly, the Melee Damage bloodline contains the fearsome Harbinger, the sharp Spearmaster, the agile Ranid Assassin and the aggressive Ravener. With so many character classes to choose from, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each character.

In the online game Bloodline Champions you have the opportunity to network with other players using the unique Bloodgate forum, and purchase powerful runes, spells and equipment at the in-game store.
Explore the eight intricate realms in Bloodline Champions, and fight for ultimate glory and victory for your bloodline.

by Kyle Hayth

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