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Blood Quest
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Blood Quest Description

Delve right into combat and be part of massive battles in Blood Quest! In the PvP arena of this mobile, you will face pure action!


In Aeria Games’ Blood Quest, you face heated action, encountering numerous enemies until you leave the arena as a winner! In this fantasy roleplaying game by the same publisher that brought Echo of Soul and Battles and Monsters to you, you pick a hero and delve into battle. Join other players to face evil monsters and horrendous creatures. If you happen to not feel like going up against monsters, you can test your skills by fighting against other players in intense PvP matches. These 1vs1 battles allow you to prove your abilities as a true hero. Naturally, you are only as strong as the character you choose. That is not to say that some races are weaker than others, but simply that some are more fit to your individual play style than others!

Which one of the following characters will you choose?

  • Mage
  • Berserker
  • Hawkeye
  • Guardian

The Guardian is optimal for anyone who likes to delve into battle dealing fast-paced attacks. Hawkeyes are more optimal for you if you enjoy firing at your enemies from far away. Choose the class that makes the most sense for you.

Defeat All Evil in Blood Quest

In Blood Quest, you are up against the core of all evil! Fight against entire hordes and armies of demons and defeat vicious bosses. You will never have to fight all alone however! The action-RPG is a true multiplayer experience. Recruit mercenaries to support you against your enemies and fight alongside other players to take on boss fights. As you advance further into the game and your enemies get stronger, you need to adapt your hero and make him more fit to the difficult challenges. Customize his armor and abilities to make him or her truly your own. As you collect new items, your hero will get constantly stronger!

Blood Quest is available for free in the Google Play Store. Download the app for your Android device and delve into a fantastical action world.

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