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Blood Bowl
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Blood Bowl Description

The hardest-hitting soccer game of the entire universe is back – Blood Bowl! Orcs, Elves and humans beat each other silly in order to get the ball into the end zone… except this time you aren’t on the field because you’re the star coach.


Blood Bowl is a fantasy soccer game based on the famed tabletop games from Games Workshop, Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. As a trainer of your very own team, it is up to you to create a powerful group of warriors which are unbeatable. In the arena it isn’t daisies and roses… to imagine that you would see fairies and other fanciful creatures is just wrong. There is only one rule here – break through the defenses of your enemies and get the ball into the goal… any way you can.

From six different races, you can choose your favorite and build your team from the ground up. Just like in real-life sports, you will have to work on not only your offensive tactics, but your defensive tactics as well. All of these different tactics that you can use will appear in your “playbook”. Depending on who you are up against, you will have to choose a different strategy which will bring the ball ever closer to your opponent’s goal. Long passes are quite effective at gaining ground quickly, but are also riskier and increase the chances of you losing the ball. Short passes are the best way to steadily gain ground and maintain possession of the ball in a match of Blood Bowl.

Of course, you will have to train you team in this online game to make sure that they aren’t completely exhausted by halftime. Fitness combined with brutality is an absolute must in this sport. On the transfer market, you can also show off your prowess as a team manager by making the right purchases or finding the rising stars. You hold your fate in your own hands.

Blood Bowl is now also available as a mobile game for a small fee. Download the strategy game for your iOS or Android mobile device and play against other players in cross-platform gameplay sessions. Yep, that means that you can play with your friends wherever, whenever.

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