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Blood and Jade
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Blood and Jade Description

Travel back to an ancient fantasy world, where you will face exciting adventures and challenges. Master the traditional combat skills and face other players in heated battles.


The world of ancient China was strongly affected by wars and violence. It was a time where people had to struggle every day in order to survive and resist the suppression of the system. It is no wonder then that it was a time of iconic legends and heroes who resisted the oppression and fought for themselves and others. Delve into this world in the free-to-play browser game Blood and Jade and become a powerful hero whose martial arts skills make use of natural forces.

The online game is an MMORPG, in which you will select a character who you will constantly train, in order to make him (or her) the most powerful fighter in the world. You will achieve this by completing PvP and PvE quests that will reward you with experience points. You need XP to level your character up, so start accepting and completing tasks as soon as possible. In the beginning, these are quite mundane – help another character find an object that he or she might’ve lost, collect some items, and run some errands. The further you advance within the roleplaying game, the more complicated and dangerous your quests will become – you want to become a skilled fighter and not a Boy or Girl Scout after all.

The browser based RPG set in ancient China features many different zones for you to explore. Every new area has to be unlocked by leveling up – become stronger as quickly as possible in order to travel to a new location that will challenge you.

Blood and Jade features many exciting systems, some of which are very typical for a good RPG and others which are more unique to the game. The MMORGP features several goddesses for example, each of which has special powers and skills. These godly women will accompany you at various stages within the game and support you with their individual abilities. But choose wisely whose goddess’ powers you need as support in combat.

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