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Block N Load
What to expect:
  • Shooter with Building Mode
  • 5 versus 5 Matches
  • Strategic Battles
  • Hero Rotation
  • Wacky Characters
  • Download Games
  • Jagex
  • Online Games
  • PC Games
  • Shooter
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Experience an Explosive Adventure in the Online Game Block N Load

Lie in ambush in the multiplayer shooter and take good aim at your enemies. Block N Load is a shooter in which you get to build as well.


Block N Load certainly takes the concept of a sandbox shooter to the next level. Not only will you get to experience action packed shootouts with other players, but you will also get to build your very own fortress. This makes every single battle completely unique, as you never know exactly what your inimical team has constructed. The online game by Jagex (RuneScape) originally started out as a pay-to-play title, but has recently changed its business model to free-to-play. If that’s not reason enough to check it out, let us give you a few reasons more.

Choose between Numerous Heroes

The free-to-play shooter features a plethora of interesting and unique heroes. Before each match, you will select the one that’s right for your style of playing. Choose the one whose unique abilities and skills reflect what you want to achieve on the battlefield. There’s Vander Graaf for example – a master of electricity who can unleash bolts of lightning and can dig, build, and take down objectives with his static shovel. Yury, the yeti, combines snow combat with mountain equipment to throw deadly snowballs or dig, build, and take out objectives with his ice axe. As you can see, each hero not only has effective attacks and defenses, but also ways to construct and destruct buildings and objectives on the map.

Build First, then Fight

As we’ve pointed out above, Block N Load differentiates itself from other similar shooters in that each round begins with a building phase. Each team gets a certain amount of time to fortify their base. Traps can be placed and walls can be erected or taken down. Teamwork is essential in this phase, just as much as it is later in the game. Only when each player knows what their team is doing will they have a concise and flawless base.

Hero Rotation

As you might know from other similar free-to-play multiplayer games such as League of Legends, Block N Load doesn’t always feature all heroes for free. Instead, there is a rotation each week allowing you to play a different set of heroes for free each week. If you really want to play one hero all the time, you will have to purchase them.

Block N Load is a free-to-play shooter that can be downloaded for PC.

Block N Load Screenshots

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