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Blitz1941 Description

This MMO gives you the opportunity to go back in time and jump right into the German-Soviet conflict during World War II. You are the commander of a tank and fight against other gamers...


The Massively Multiplayer Online Game Blitz1941 throws you back into the year 1941 - you land in the middle of World War II. While the German-Soviet conflict is raging, Eastern Europe is divided into 15 cities, for example Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest and Stalingrad.

Blitz1941 is supposed to appear rather realistic, which is why every city has its own characteristics. There are huge megacities, smaller towns, munition and commercial cities.

Of course, there are also tanks in the client-based online game Blitz1941-lots of tanks. In total there are 60 different (historically correct) types of tanks to choose from. Up to 3000 players can battle on each server. Therefore, you should never experience a lack of opponents.

In Blitz1941 you have the opportunity to upgrade your tank with different items. To have a well-equipped tank is very important in combat. Of course, you fight for yourself first and foremost. However, you should consider getting along with teammates because you cannot win huge battles without any allies.

If you win a fight you get money or other prizes that help you develop further and become a better warrior. If you win a fight in a city you can consider that city to be yours. This is where you start to expand your empire in Blitz1941.

by Kyle Hayth

Blitz1941 Screenshots

Blitz1941 Screenshot-0Blitz1941 Screenshot-1Blitz1941 Screenshot-2Blitz1941 Screenshot-3Blitz1941 Screenshot-4Blitz1941 Screenshot-5Blitz1941 Screenshot-6Blitz1941 Screenshot-7Blitz1941 Screenshot-8Blitz1941 Screenshot-9
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