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What to expect:
  • Action-Packed RPG Game
  • Unlimited Possibilities
  • Loads of Character Personalisation
  • Massive Online Battles
  • Music from Hans Zimmer
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  • Action
  • Topic
  • Fantasy
  • RPG
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The War between the Hieron and Union Wages On in Bless. Which Side Will You Join?

Bless brings together RPG games with multiplayer action as players are put to the test after choosing a faction to fight for in the free-to-play game.


The world in the free-to-play RPG Bless is full to the brim with diverse and varied people and cultures, however war has plunged the continent into a state of darkness, and it’s up to you to restore peace and tranquility to the world. The open war between the Hiero and the Union factions have brought the world of Bless to the brink of destruction, and only the bravest of heroes can save the people from eternal darkness. The RPG features a vibrant world with nearly limitless character possibilities. When you put all of this together with the massive battles and music from Hanz Zimmer, you have an awesome world to explore.

Endless Character Creation Possibilities

It doesn’t matter what type of playstyle you prefer, there is always a character for you in Bless. The character creation and customization options are vast; with ten races and eight classes there is a combination to suit anyone. On top of this, the race and class that you choose will determine your destiny as you journey through the world in Bless. Some of the creatures will be friendly, and some foes based on the race that you choose. The possibilities are almost unlimited in Bless, with the story taking a unique turn at every corner.

Huge Battles and Sieges

There are two things about Bless that stand out as being different from other similar games in the RPG genre. Not only is it possible to fight in small scale skirmishes, you can team up with other players and take part in massive battles and castle sieges. Grab a bunch of friends and storm the keep of enemy castles in search of hefty rewards, although your best tactics and strategies will be needed, as the enemy can use secret traps and magic to fend off any attackers. On top of all of this, the musical score was composed by none other than Hans Zimmer, who is responsible for some of the best known music in Hollywood such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Lion King.

Bless Screenshots

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Bless News

  • Bless: Coming to North America and Europe

    04/19/2016 07:16 am - Neowiz Games announced today that the MMORPG Bless is coming to North American and European markets. None other than Berlin based publisher Aeria Games will localize, market, and publish the massively multiplayer online game in the west. The studio h...more

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