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Bleach Online
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Bleach Online Description

Become the stealthy ninja you have always wanted to be and group up with other players to take down even the toughest of challenges in this browser game. You haven't seen or read the Bleach anime or manga? Don't worry, that's okay. Just start playing...


If you know the Naruto manga or anime franchise, you have probably also heard of Bleach. If so, diving into the quirky universe of Bleach Online should feel a little bit like coming home. Having watched the series or having read the story is no requirement for trying out the browser game, however, and everyone is welcome to assemble a squad of fearless warriors and charge into battle! There’s a lot for you to explore when joining the free-to-play title and to find out about combat, survival and competition. Tutorial quests will guide you through the first couple of levels. Even other, more experienced players will be willing to lend a helping hand to a newbie, trust us.

Speaking of levels: As you complete story missions and help out the people of the Soul Society by running errands, you gather experience points which are used to level up characters. The further you get, the more powerful you become. Fill up all equipment slots - from headband to weapons - with valuable items you have either looted or crafted yourself - to truly turn into a fierce competitor in Bleach Online. You not only have the option of going up against the bad guys that have taken over the free-to-play online game, but also other players. Friends, even! Challenge them to a duel and prove to them that you have the skills to pay the Bleach Online bills. Figuratively speaking of course, as the roleplaying game is available for free in the browser of your choice.

Although going up against other players in Bleach Online is certainly a good way to hone your skills in preparation for world boss encounters, you can also team up with other ninjas through guild activities. Guilds are the easiest way to get to know like-minded players and find friends in the free-to-play online universe, as you and your brethren share a chat channel. Here, you can swap ideas and talk about the best combat strategies.

Bleach Online Screenshots

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