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Blades of Brim
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Free Endless Runner for Mobile Devices - Blades of Brim

Grab your sword and shield, and prepare to defend your castle in Blades of Brim! A new 3D endless running game!


Danish developers Sybo Games brought you Subway Surfers in 2012, and they have just released a new endless runner in the same vein as their first release. In Blades of Brim you control a warrior defending his or her kingdom from invaders in a fast-paced action game. You have to roll, jump, and swipe to attack and clear enemies out of the way, all while collecting coins and other powerups to help you along your way. Any fan of Despicable Me: Minion Rush, and Temple Run 2 will feel completely at home when playing this iOS free-to-play endless runner.

Fluid Combos and Movements

All of the movements and actions in this free-to-play iOS game feel very fluid. You can perform cool combos with your attacks by simply swiping on the screen to chain together jumps, rolls, and side attacks. Run along walls, bounce off enemies, ride mythical creatures, and collect items all at the same time.

To keep you on the ball, the game introduces new challenges and objectives every time you level up. These range from something simple like “jump 20 times” to more difficult tasks that ask you to kill a specific enemy with only left attacks.

Stock Up on Treasure and Gold!

You earn gold and treasure by getting further in the run. Each level is split up by dungeons, in which you can complete objectives to earn more in game currency, called essence. This can net you bonuses and gear to upgrade your warrior and make it easier to defend. There are over 100 different weapons and powerups for you to unlock, so you've got your work set out for you!

If you ever fall off the edge, you are given an option to spend your essence to continue from where you fell if you’re on a particularly good run. You have to be careful, as the price to revive gets more expensive after each death!

Blades of Brim is now available for free on your iPhone or iPad now!

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