Blade the Warrior
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Blade the Warrior
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Blade the Warrior Description

Step back in time as an audacious and strong warrior in this free strategic browser game. Accept exciting missions, battle against your adversaries and show your true strength as a champion...


In the browser-based MMOG Blade The Warrior, you take on the role of Spartan, Viking or Centurion. The Vikings use customized weaponry in order not only to display their strength, but also their wealth and social status. The Spartans are independent warriors, with brutal and short-tempered temperaments. The Centurions roam in clans of 80 to 100 men, stemming initially from the Roman Empire.

You start the browser game Blade the Warrior by selecting which of the three nations you want to play for. You must train and strengthen your character in order to be best prepared for battle, using the help of the in-game Trainer. Your warrior's profile page in Blade the Warrior displays statistics for your experience, strength, skill, agility, charisma, cleverness, armor, damage and more.

Head down to the Blade the Warrior Inn and accept various rewarding missions and quests, or get a job in order to earn extra cash. In the strategy MMOG you can work as a farmer, jeweler, groom, politician, legionary or mason. Using your rewards you can purchase various items, equipment and weaponry at the Blade the Warrior shop and market. Weaponry can be crafted and forged through various metals collected at the mine. You will also be rewarded by the gods for every hour of worship carried out at the Blade the Warrior Temple.

Forming a powerful alliance with other players in the free-to-play browser game Blade the Warrior will provide strength in numbers, and improve your chances of victory in the battle arena. There are several instances in which you can prove your status as gallant warrior, including the Barbarian Camp, Abandoned Mine, Pirates Base and Camp of the Rebel Slaves.

by Kyle Hayth

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