Blade & Soul: New Factions Trailer and Information about Founder’s Packs

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Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

The upcoming online roleplaying game Blade & Soul is going into its closed testing phase this fall. While the precise date has yet to be revealed, publisher NCSoft is already starting to whet their community’s appetite for joining the game by releasing information on the upcoming Founder’s Packs. As you might know, these game packs allow players to buy themselves into the closed testing stages of a game without having to wait for an alpha or beta key. In the case of Blade & Soul, the Founder’s Packs might also include exclusive items and a premium membership. Additionally, purchasing one of the game packs also allows players to delve into the RPG a few days before the official closed beta starts. There are three different starter packs ranging between $24.99 and $124.99.

Head Start AccessYESYESYES
Character pre-generationNot Available12
Unique Title234
Exclusive Head AccessoryNot AvailableNot AvailableYES
Exclusive Weapon SkinNot AvailableNot AvailableYES
Two Exclusive CostumesNot AvailableNot AvailableYES
Item PackNot AvailableStarterExtended
Character Alteration VoucherNot Available12
Premium MembershipNot Available30-day90-day
Additional Character Slot VoucherNot Available25
NCoinNot Available2,400 ($30)7,200 ($90)
Premium Membership LevelLv 2Lv 3Lv 4

If you are not interested in purchasing a Founder’s Pack, but are still looking forward to delving into the MMORPG, you should check out Blade & Soul’s latest trailer, which introduces the title’s factions. Blade & Soul runs with a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3.

NCSoft is hoping to officially launch the roleplaying game in Q1 2016 – if the closed beta goes smoothly, that is! The game will be available for free upon its release.

Source: Press release

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