Blade & Soul: Introducing the Soul Fighter in New Update

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Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

It’s not even been quite a month since the Blade & Soul community got their last major game update called Vengeance Breaks. It brought pets to the MMORPG allowing all players who have reached at least level 50 to roam around the fantasy world with a pet at their side. Additionally, it brought some new content, namely Act 4 Part 2 of the Silverfrost Mountains. Update 2.3 continues where patch 2.2 left off, bringing lots of exciting new content to Blade & Soul.

At the center of the update lies the Soul Fighter class which is now available to the Jin, Gon, and Yun races. This agile fighter is certainly a unique addition to the roster of classes available in the roleplaying game. The Soul Fighter is the first class in Blade & Soul that can deal effective damage from a far distance and up close. They combine the abilities and fighting styles of the Force Master and Kung Fu Master giving them an edge in battle. This class can not only fight effectively on their own, but also benefits from the support of other players in more challenging situations.

Players also get to enjoy two events in the new update. The Merchant of Wonders event had already gone live before the release of patch 2.3, but it will now be extended until July 20th. Additionally, the Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge has been added to Blade & Soul. A new buff called Blessing of Wisdom will grant players 50% more Combat XP, 50% more Daily Quest XP, and 100% more Guild Points from Crafting and Gathering.

Competitive players will also be happy to hear that the PvP season 3 has started and will run through August 2nd.

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