Blade & Soul: Next Update Brings Pets and Bonuses

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Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

What are the standard features in an MMO? Lots of items? Yes! Challenging dungeons? Of course! Fast mounts? Obviously! A motivating leveling system? Without a doubt! Now add some pets to the mix and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded basis for an MMORPG. NCsoft’s roleplaying game Blade & Soul has been lacking in that last department, which is why the next update focuses on bringing animal companions to Blade & Soul.

The upcoming patch 2.2 is called Vengeance Breaks, and it will be released on June 1st. Players who have reached at least level 50 will finally have the chance to journey through the fantasy world with a pet at their side. In contrast to some other MMOs, the colorful companions will also have an actual purpose in the online game, aside from looking cute. While they might not actively fight at players’ side in battles, they offer defensive bonuses. Pets will offer a significant HP bonus and defensive bonus – if they are well-fed with Petnip that is! The friendly companion will show a countdown that indicates how much longer it will provide its bonus. Players will be able to refill their meter by transmuting Petnip. There will be all kinds of pets, including griffins, otters, dragons, sheep, and ghosts. All companions can be leveled up, which increases the bonus they offer.

Look at the colorful pets in Blade & Soul!

Patch 2.2 does more than just add pets however! It also brings Act 4 Part 2 to the Silverfrost Mountains, advancing and ending the exciting plot. Additionally, there will be new heroic dungeons for challenging multiplayer action and the ultimate single-player challenge called Tower of Infinity.

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