Blade & Soul: Silverfrost Expansion Coming in Spring

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Silverfrost Mountains Expansion Coming to Blade & Soul

The free-to-play MMORPG Blade & Soul is getting one of its biggest updates yet. There’s a new continent, quests, and loads more for players to explore.

Just when you thought that things were going to slow down after the launch of Blade & Soul, NCSoft has surprised us all with yet another huge update to their MMORPG. Blade & Soul launched in the US and Europe not even three months ago, but since then there has been the Rising Waters expansion and multiple updates. This next Silverfrost Mountains expansion is the biggest update that Blade & Soul has received since launch, and it is packed full of content for players go get to grips with.

Silverfrost Mountains

Much of the new in-depth storyline takes place in these mystical mountains. The Silverfrost Mountains are a brand new landscape within the Earthen Realm, and they include a variety of landscapes from beautiful frozen vistas to dangerous enemy camps. The new quests and storylines take the player through a path of revenge and discovery as they extend the current lore to make it even more immersive. Check out some of the screenshots below to get an idea of what this snowy continent will look like.

Included in the Silverfrost Mountains is a brand new capital city, which is packed full of workshops, monuments, and guild buildings to make the mountain city of Zaiwei the perfect social hub. The city has wide streets and huge golden monuments, but its citizens are in need of help from heroes and warriors.

The New Capital City, Zaiwei in Blade & Soul

As with any Blade & Soul update, there are eight dark and mysterious new dungeons ready to be explored. The dungeons can be tackled by willing adventurers in groups of 6 or 4 players, with three heroic dungeons, and five expert level dungeons. These new instances are sure to present a new challenge for existing players of the game, and will be great content for new players to work their way towards.

For the full details and minor changes included in the Silverfrost Mountains expansion, or to start your Blade & Soul download, then click the button below to head over to the official website. Blade & Soul is completely free-to-play, so download the game and start your adventure now!

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