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Blade & Soul
What to expect:
  • Play for Free Online
  • Create your Own Unique Hero
  • Choose Between a Range of Classes
  • Start your Journey in a Vibrant Universe
  • Start a Guild with your Friends for Free
  • Download Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • PC Games
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Play Blade & Soul, the Fantasy MMORPG

Dive into a fantasy world and brandish the powers of might and magic in this mystical free-to-play MMORPG.


Choose a hero class that suits your playstyle perfectly. With almost limitless class customization there is always a class that you will feel at home with in Blade & Soul. Choose a faction and begin your journey of discovery and mystery through this beautiful online download game.

Choose from 7 different classes to defeat your enemies:

  • Blade Master: A fearsome frontline warrior that balances offensive and defensive attacks to overcome their foes.
  • Destroyer: A battle-hardened behemoth that excels in fighting alone, but also does very well in groups of allies.
  • Summoner: Utilize a feline companion and work together to deal damage to enemies and support your allies.
  • Force Master: A powerful magic user that specializes in dealing heavy fire and ice damage to unwitting enemies from afar.
  • Kung Fu Master: Unrivaled in hand to hand combat. These fearless fighters specialize in fast paced combat with extravagant attacks.
  • Assassin: Masters of disguise and stealth, sneaky distraction techniques, and surprise attacks.
  • Blade Dancer: agile and nimble warriors that are a blur on the battlefield as they string together chains of lightning fast attacks.

Beautiful and Unique World

Explore a visually stunning landscape packed full of dense forests, glistening rivers, and towering mountains. The stunning world that is inspired by acclaimed artist Hyung Tae Kim will be your playground in this massively multiplayer online roleplaying game!

Gripping Combat

Use your skills as a warrior to prove yourself against other players in PvP combat or against enemies in the sprawling battlegrounds in PvE mode. One you have defeated an enemy player, you gain reputation with your faction and work your way up the ladder in your faction to become a notorious warrior.

NCSoft has brought you free-to-play games such as Wildstar and Guild Wars, a veteran in MMO development. Blade & Soul will be available for free for PC.

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