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What to expect:
  • Become part of a huge fictional mercenary group in this free shooter
  • Experience a post-apocalyptic future where everyone fends for themselves
  • Battle it out against huge corporations
  • Choose one of four different characters, each with their own playstyle
  • Fight in more than 25 different maps
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Play Against Your Friends in BlackShot

Slip into the role of a mercenary and hit each target that crosses your path. Aim precisely and kill as many enemies as possible in BlackShot.


Welcome to the near future in this action packed online game! We are writing the year 2033, and the world is dealing with a world wide war. A nuclear attack has destroyed many parts of the world and turned them into a battlefield.

The client-based MMOFPS (massively multiplayer online first-person shooter) BlackShot was created in Korea. The game also contains a few roleplaying elements. In the beginning you need skill more than anything else, but over the course of time you have the opportunity to develop your character further.

So what does the world look like in the online game BlackShot? Well, it definitely is not good. After many years of research, the human race had finally figured out how to create the perfect human clone. They began with the mass production of clones - armed clones with human intellect. The perfect soldiers at the frontline, replacing the human soldiers. Wars over resources went on and the situation on Mother Earth escalated more and more. Until one day, in the year 2033, one of the nuclear-weaponed superpowers felt the need to activate their nuclear missles. The attacked states reacted with anti-missle defenses but none of the superpowers was able to fend off the nuclear weapons.

Since the former 'superpowers' destroyed each other, the power on Earth is now distributed among several military factions. Blackshot is the name of one of the leading groups of mercenaries. The BlackShot soldiers are both ruthless and deathly. They do whatever they are paid for and they kill whoever is on their target list. In the online game Blackshot you slip into the role of one of these cold-blooded mercenaries. Decide which group you want to belong to and kill any enemy soldier that crosses your path. Don't ever let your guard down on your journey through the shady world of Blackshot. You never know who is lurking behind the next corner.

BlackShot Screenshots

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BlackShot News

  • BlackShot: Grand Rebirth Brings Mastery System

    03/19/2015 06:47 am - Keeping up with the competition isn’t always easy, especially when there seems to be a plethora of similar games around. With their newest update, the team behind BlackShot has just the solution to keep things fresh in the free-to-play shooter...more

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