Blacklight Retribution
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Blacklight Retribution
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Blacklight Retribution Description

In the all-too-near future the streets are overrun with war. Different factions fight to control even the smallest piece of territory and you find yourself right in the middle of it all...


In Blacklight Retribution, you take on the role of a soldier of fortune, or mercenary if you will. Your goal in this free-to-play first-person shooter is to make sure that your faction is in control of the streets. Featuring high-quality graphics provided by the Unreal Engine, you will be immersed in this dark world and experience combat first-hand.

You will be taken to a future that is wrought with war and struggle. Blacklight Retribution features many different weapons that are available to you, as well as massive fighting machines, known as Mechs. These powerful robots provide support and firepower for your faction. They are outfitted with not only various types of machineguns, but rocket launches as well. This makes for one serious fighting machine. Having one of these on your side could prove most profitable.

If you happen to cross paths with one of these powerful machines, make sure to duck and cover as quickly as you can because they can deal out a lot more damage than any regular soldier, such as yourself, could even hope to do.

The best tactics in Blacklight Retribution involve plenty of teamwork. Without your team, you could quickly be overwhelmed by the enemy. Develop strategies and other plans with your teammates to ensure the quickest, smoothest victory possible.

A combination of teamwork, knowledge of the city you’re fighting in and superior firepower can come together to create a lethal combination in Blacklight Retribution. If you can master these different aspects, then you could become the deadliest mercenary of all time.

by Kyle Hayth

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