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Black Prophecy
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Black Prophecy Description

Go on a dangerous journey through the vast blackness of this online universe. The world that was shattered by war now has to face a new enemy. Jump into your spaceship and join the battle...


The expanses of the Black Prophecy universe are dark and mysterious. You are in control of your own destiny and decide on whose side you want to fight. You can either join the Tyi or the Genides. Help your species to dominate the universe of the 3D MMO Black Prophecy.

Only few colonies in the outer space are controlled by 'normal' humans. The real rulers are the cybernatically enhanced Tyi and the Genides who are genetically perfected. Both species seek control over the universe in Black Prophecy. They want to dominate all human colonies. Their greed for power, however, takes them into the territory of the so called Restorers - an ancient alien race. The Restorers do not want to share their power with any other civilisations. A huge war breaks loose in space. If you want to survive, you better join one of the super-human races.

Of course, you need a spaceship to participate in the space battle of Black Prophecy. Jump into the cockpit and join your friends and allies win as many battles as possible. You have the opportunity to create a very individualized spaceship. You don't buy a space vehicle as whole but rather you choose what modules you prefer and how you want to combine them. Black Prophecy differs from other common space simulations in that there is a lot of action going on. It's possible to organize huge p-v-p battles or special p-v-p missions.

As a reward for your participation in the great war, you have the chance to earn medals and awards.

by Kyle Hayth

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