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Black Desert
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Black Desert Description

Slip into the role of a powerful wizard and unleash arcane magic on your foes or be a warrior that uses brute strength to take control of the battlefield in this fantasy world. Whichever class you end up choosing, there will be other players to join you.


Saddle your mount and explore the wondrous world of Black Desert today! You will spend hours upon hours exploring every little corner of this fantasy MMORPG and still find things that you did not expect to be a part of the online universe. Did you know that you could take up the hobby of pigeon shooting or play a musical instrument to get your mind off of the many adventures that lie ahead? If not, there many more options to keep you busy while playing. The realms of Black Desert change on a daily basis, so keep that in mind when roaming the streets during the night.

While daytime is always good for meeting other players or taking up new crafting professions, nighttime is usually a more dangerous experience, especially for heroes who come unprepared. You wouldn’t want to stumble across a horde of abysmal ghouls that lurk in the shadows, would you? Your number one goal in Black Desert is to level up your character, train new abilities and become a legendary champion among simple warriors.

No matter which of the many available classes you decide to play as in this free fantasy game, the journey is the same: Gain experience by completing missions and unlocking new achievements and join forces with other players to beat even the toughest challenges. If you happen to have a little bit of time left, consider taking up crafting to salvage items you no longer need and create new equipment.

Speaking of playing together: There are a few challenges in Black Desert that you will not be able to master on your own. If you need a helping hand while none of your friends are online, simply use the server-wide chat system to look for someone to aid you in battle. Who knows? This might even be your chance to meet a new companion in this free-to-play title and become part of a powerful alliance that takes part in player-versus-player battles involving siege combat.

Black Desert Screenshots

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Black Desert Videos

  • Black Desert: MMORPG Will Not Be Free-to-Play

    10/14/2015 10:36 am - Free-to-play enthusiasts the world over should be disappointed, as the Korean giant Black Desert will not be free like it is in its home country. This comes as a slight shock, as we were all expecting a free game....more

  • Black Desert: First Gameplay Trailer Released

    01/12/2015 09:04 am - It will still be a while before Black Desert makes it to western markets. This stunning trailer doesn't make the wait much easier. Check out the gorgeous graphics, action-packed gameplay, and extensive character creation!...more

Black Desert News

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