Black Crown Project
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Black Crown Project
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Black Crown Project Description

When was the last time you read a really good novel? Oh, you think reading is not interactive enough? Well, maybe you should check out this free-to-play narrative gaming experience which combines gaming and literature:


The Black Crown Project is a brand new narrative gaming experience which resembles the classic choose-your-own-adventure novels. Do you remember these novels from when you were a kid? At the end of each chapter, it was up to you as a reader to decide what should happen next. Accordingly, you were told to go to specific parts of the novel to advance the plot.

The free-to-play online game Black Crown Project transports this idea into the digital and interactive world of browser games. Instead of flipping through a book, you click with your mouse. After registering an account, you begin your simple, yet disturbing journey through the shady Widsith Institute.

The online game begins quite unassumingly. In the beginning, someone politely asks you – in a very poetic manner – to answer a few interview questions. Before you know it, your character is thrown into disturbing situations which slowly unravel the mystery surrounding the Widsith Institute.

Black Crown Project is a perfect hybrid of point and click adventures and literature. The browser game is published by the Random House Group, a publishing house primarily for books, and marks their first excursion into the world of gaming. The main feature of this free-to-play game is the players’ imagination. You will answer questions, read longer and shorter passages, and make decisions that will influence the subsequent plot. You can earn points to unlock a greater variety of possible choices by making smart decisions within the game.

Publishers Random House UK plan on adding more and more sections to this mysterious narrative gaming experience. The game marks author Rob Sherman’s writing debut.

Join the shady Widsith Institute as clerks to slowly unravel its disturbing and mysterious actions. If you love to read and usually wish for literature to be more interactive, this is the perfect game for you.

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