Bitefight: Update brings a host of additional features to the werewolf vs vampire browser game

10/26/2010 06:16 am in News

The latest update to the fantasy-themed vampire and werewolf browser game Bitefight features a range of new features for players to enjoy. All of the 'old' Bitefight servers of all countries switched over to Version 1.4 yesterday.


Some of the features players can expect in Version 1.4 include a brand-new design and look, and the separation of skill beams using color. There are additional potions including the Dexterity Potion, Endurance Potion, Charisma Potion and Serendipity Potion. You will now be able to purchase the treasure chest for twelve weeks and inactive premium users will now be hidden in the opponent search. The clan master is now automatically registered to participate in the clan wars, to ensure they always take place, be it on the defense or attack side of game-play. Only if another member signs up for a clan war will the clan master have the option to be taken out of the battle.

Bitefight by German online games publisher Gameforge (OGame, Star Trek - Infinite Space) is a dark browser game that takes you into the underworld of the night. Fight as either a ferocious vampire or a savage werewolf, and kill your enemies by the hordes. Progress through the game ensures new skills for your character, and with each victory points are obtained. Howl under a full moon or sink your teeth into fresh blood in this mysterious role-playing game.

Source: Game homepage
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