Bitefight: Update with Many Changes Slated for Early February

01/31/2011 03:54 am in News

Publishers of the free-to-play browser game Bitefight, Gameforge, have announced the planned update for February. The update includes many changes and a redesign of game systems due to the new game system to be implemented in the patch.


All servers, from S1 through S12, will be receiving version 2.1.1 of Bitefight beginning on Thursday, February 3rd. Many changes are in-store and a complete revision of the game’s timer system. Because of this change, many other game mechanics have been adapted to accommodate the new system.

Gameforge (Ikariam, KingsAge) have decided to implement an action point system into Bitefight and no longer use the traditional "game timers". You will generate 2 points per hour, 4 if you have the Shadowlord edition, to a maximum of 120 points. For every time that you gain a level, you will automatically get an additional 20 points.

In order to perform actions in Bitefight, you will have to spend these points. Certain actions require more or less points. For example, a man-hunt will cost between 1 and 3 points whereas healing with a church or through meditation will cost 5.

Potions can be used to fill these points back up as well as the 2 per hour regeneration. Those who have the Shadowlord will also receive an additional 50% in maximum points.

Because of the new action point system, there have had to be some adaptations made to the skills and mana. Strength, defense, dexterity, endurance and charisma have all seen tweaks to make them better suited for the system. Mana can now only be regained by defeating and opponent with a higher level or higher combat score than yours.

Shadowlord will be receiving additional updates with the Bitefight version 2.1.1. In addition to having a bonus regeneration rate of action points, there will be no publicity. This means, there is no longer going to be pop-ups and banners in-game if you have the Shadowlord edition.

With the biggest change to Bitefight being the addition of the action point system, there have also been many small ones made too. New items, clan flags and man hunts have all been added or changed with version 2.1.1. Players that register with Bitefight now will also receive a welcome present!

Source: Game homepage
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