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Bistro Cook 2
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Bistro Cook 2 Description

The culinary world needs you! Slip into the role of a bistro chef once more and prepare all different kinds of dishes in as little time as possible. Quickly tap, cook and serve to keep customers satisfied and rise to the top of the official ranking...


Cooking games online are the perfect way to hone your culinary skills without wasting food in case anything goes wrong. Not that it would, considering you’re probably a wonderful chef! If you do want to slip into the role of a restauranteur for a little while, however, Bistro Cook 2 is available for free on Android mobile devices. This includes smartphones and tablets. Your goal is to cook every dish to perfection and serve all customers in as little time as possible. The quicker you are, the more satisfied they tend to be with your overall service. Fry or boil different ingredients and channel your inner mixologist by fixing everyone a cool drink to go with their hot plate of food.

The touchscreen controls of your mobile device are needed in Bistro Cook 2. Here’s how cooking works in this simulation game: Tap the ingredient you need, tap the frying pan or the pot of boiling water and then wait. Once the progress bar fills up, tap the plate to serve the tasty treat to the waiting customer. From meatballs with a side of greens to roasted cabbage with fries: Make sure to get the order right to unlock a new highscore and climb the official ranking in Bistro Cook 2! Should something go wrong, make use of the trash can. Tossing out burnt foods will cost you, though! A little clock in the corner of the screen will keep you informed on how much time you have left to prove to all other cooking game players that you are the master of the culinary world.

Both newbie players and veteran chefs alike will find the right challenge in this online cooking game, seeing as how there are three difficulty settings. A thorough tutorial will show you the necessary steps and give you an introduction on how to beat even the trickiest of levels. Similar to cooking games like Happy Chef or Cooking Fever, posting your score on Facebook will keep friends and family in the loop on how well you are doing in Bistro Cook 2.

Bistro Cook 2 Screenshots

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