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BioShock Description

Go guns blazing or hide in the shadows to avoid detection: How you play through BioShock and explore the underwater city of Rapture is entirely up to you. Just stay clear of Little Sisters and Big Daddies as you adventure through this mobile game...


You know that you live in a crazy world where technology has come a long way when a game that was originally released on consoles and computers years ago has made its way onto mobile devices. This has happened with a couple of franchises now - including The Walking Dead or Final Fantasy - and now, it’s time for Irrational Games and Havok Physics to join the mobile crowd. BioShock, a critically-acclaimed shooter that first came out in 2007, is now available for iPads and iPhones.

The mobile version of BioShock is not just some accompanying app that is set in the same mysterious universe. Nope, this is the real deal! Here, you get to explore the underwater city of Rapture and slip into the role of Jack to avoid and take down Little Sisters and Big Daddies, the two main antagonists in this horror franchise. Simply tap the touchscreen of your iOS mobile device to move around, sneak past security cameras and make use of your plasmid super powers. These include setting things on fire, conjuring up swarms of insects and temporarily freezing enemies. Keep in mind that they use up your plasma resource and cannot be triggered indefinitely, so use your EVE wisely! Should things get a little bit too difficult, try injecting yourself with a plasmid syringe.

BioShock features several different weapons that you need to find, loot or purchase. And what’s a weapon without the right ammunition? Firing off shots without thinking about the consequences in this stealth roleplaying games could be fatal. First, the noise could draw unwanted attention. Second, being trigger-happy too early in the game means that you could run out of bullets when there are still dozens of mutants left to kill. Make each shot count when playing BioShock on your iOS mobile tablet or phone or you will find yourself in trouble later on. Even more trouble, that is...

BioShock Screenshots

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BioShock News

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