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Lego Bionicle
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Lego Bionicle Description

The mythical world of Okoto used to be a peaceful place. A greedy and spiteful brother has shaken the island and brought chaos. As one of the chosen heroes, it is your goal to fight evil and re-establish peace…


Lego Bionicle tells the story of Okoto, a once peaceful and quiet island which has descended into chaos. Long ago, two brothers called Makuta and Ekimu lived here. They were powerful mask makers who created masks of power that possessed the energy of the elements. Each one was dedicated to a different element. Over time, Makuta became increasingly more envious of his brother’s popularity and talent. In an act of reckless greed, he created a mask that possessed the power of all elements. Alas, it was too mighty and ended up tearing the world of Okoto apart. The six masks of power were spread across the island hidden in the remotest corners of the continent. Since then, evil creatures have appeared everywhere turning Okoto into a dangerous place. The inhabitants of the island have prayed to the galaxies that someone will come to save them all. The mobile game tells the story of six heroes who were sent to Okoto to re-establish peace. You will take control of them to save the mythical island.

Meet the Six Heroes of Lego Bionicle

- Tahu: Master of Fire
- Kopaka: Master of Ice
- Onua: Master of Earth
- Pohatu: Master of Stone
- Gali: Master of Water
- Lewa: Master of Jungle

The free-to-play mobile game allows you to master these heroes each with their individual strengths and weaknesses. Learn to control their abilities and become the ultimate champion of the battlefield. Your quest is to travel across the island exploring the six elemental regions where you hope to find the long lost masks of power. The world of Okoto features more than just masks, however. On your journey through this action-packed app, you will find hundreds of items and objects that will allow you to customize your heroes. Test your fighting skills in more than 74 arenas anywhere and anytime you feel like it. The free-to-play game is available for all Android and iOS mobile devices and can be downloaded in the respective app stores.

Lego Bionicle Screenshots

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