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Bill's Ranch
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Bill's Ranch Description

Become a pioneer in the Wild West: Create your business in the Midwest and live the American dream. Perhaps you will even become President of the United States one day...


In Bill's Ranch, you are one of the daring pioneers who set out to populate the prairies in the Midwest and to the make the land there arable. The strategy simulation is designed as a browser game for thousands of players. A special highlight of Bill's Ranch is the graphical implementation.

You are Bill and on your way to Ranchville. Even before your arrival in your new home you'll meet your evil opponent. He wants to make your life a living hell, because you have thwarted his attack on your moving convoy. Upon arriving in Ranchville you expand on a small business and you need to take all of the possibilities given to you. Are you going to sell burgers or can you climb the career ladder to the top and become president of the United States?

Every beginning is difficult of course. The browser game Bill's Ranch is no exception. When you start the game you build your home first. When you finally hoist the flag at your home, you can really get into the game. As a cowboy in the Wild West, you are nothing, of course, without your cattle. You need to put the beefs in the stables on your property. Only a good strategist will be able to rise up in the rankings of Bill's Ranch in the long run. After all, you need to decide whether to invest more money, or whether a couple of cows should be processed into more burgers.

A tutorial will guide you through the game. It is important that you really get to know all the features before you go on to the fun part. Then you begin to build your own ranch and climb the ladder of success in Bill's Ranch.

by Kyle Hayth

Bill's Ranch Screenshots

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