Big Hero 6 Bot Fight: Biggest Update Yet Brings New Levels

04/10/2015 07:44 am by Anna Radak in NewsPuzzleMatch-3

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

There’s no better feeling for mobile gamers than seeing the little notification that pops up whenever one of your apps has a new update ready. Android, iOS and Windows players of Big Hero 6 Bot Fight should have received one of said alerts, now that new content is available in the free match-3 game. And we’re not just talking about a little patch here, nope. It’s the biggest update yet! Puzzlers everywhere can try their luck in 60 brand-new levels, give never before seen game modes a whirl and participate in special event missions.

That’s not all: There are new bots to collect and skills to unlock, introducing additional characters to the game that’s based on Disney's box office hit Big Hero 6. Players are asked to pay Honey Lemon a visit and make use of new character power-ups as they tackle the new challenges that lie ahead in Big Hero 6 Bot Fight. Bugs have also been fixed, hopefully granting everyone a smoother gameplay experience when playing the free-to-play app.

Other mobile games by Disney include Frozen Free Fall and Cinderella Free Fall.

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