Big Break Poker: Slash Hold’em
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Big Break Poker: Slash Hold’em
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Big Break Poker: Slash Hold’em Description

Become the ultimate poker expert and master player in this fun mobile game. Delve into the tactical world of card games and the exciting world of slot machines!


Put on your poker face, bring your thinking hat, and add a sprinkle of luck before you download this free card game! Big Break Poker: Slash Hold’em gives you everything you want and expect from a mobile card game - and more! Visit a world of luck, excitement, tactical thinking, and Slash. No, we’re not talking about hack and slash RPGs, but the famous guitarist and songwriter who has teamed up with musicians ranging from Guns N’Roses to Michael Jackson over the course of his career. Now, he is adding some fame, sex, and rock’n’roll to the glamorous world of poker.

Big Break Poker: Slash Hold’em is a free app which is available for all Android devices. Yes, you can download the game in your Google Play Store for free and play poker with players from around the world on your smartphone or tablet. Naturally, you will need a working internet connection because how else would you connect with other players? As soon as you have everything set up, you can delve into your very own mobile casino. Choose the game that you want to play and then try your luck and test your abilities. You have the choice between Texas Hold’em, a Vegas slot-machine, a Pharaoh slot-machine, and Blackjack.

Naturally, the focus point of Big Break Poker: Slash Hold’em is Texas Hold’em, the most famous and iconic version of poker. Test your skills against thousands of other players from all over the world in championship tournaments. Luckily, you will get a big batch of free chips upon logging into the game. This should give you a good starting point for becoming the best of the best. The app also allows you to invite your friends in order to challenge them to a round of poker.

Logging into the game regularly is recommended because you can choose one of three daily prize packages and collect free chips! The mobile game also features weekly special events that will constantly challenge whoever chooses to participate in them.

Big Break Poker: Slash Hold’em Screenshots

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