Big Bang Empire
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Big Bang Empire
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Big Bang Empire Description

If you're feeling a bit adventurous and fancy a break from the mundanities of normal life then look no further, this free-to-play game allows your to explore your wildest fantasies as a porn actor in the adult film industry!


Indulge your fantasies and become the next big porn star in this browser-based game, ditching the office in favor of the more glamorous setting of velvet, glitter, and S&M. It’s not all bright lights and fame though, as you must work hard to earn your wage and keep the clients coming in. Like other sex games, such as Lula Online, you must work your way up the proverbial porn ladder, but play your cards right and you might become the next big movie superstar!

Start your Big Bang Empire career as either a male or female and change your character's appearance to suit you. Choose between multiple different looks for your sexy avatar and dress them according to your personal taste. There are many different outfits for you to choose from, and some are considerably more risqué than others. It is up to you to make sure your character is always looking their best in order to satisfy the growing list of clients. Purchase an array different items and accessories in the sex shop, ranging from typical lingerie with frills and lace, to the more adventurous bondage toys and leather gear, which we will leave for you to image for yourselves.

Once you are dressed appropriately (or should that be inappropriately?), it's time to start your new life in the adult film industry, working your way up from amateur actor, to porn star, to sought-after film director. Start off what hopes to be a fruitful porn career in the strip club, working the pole to make a quick buck. Earn yourself a reputation in the area as one the hottest dancers, then, as you become more popular, you can enter competitions and PvP battles for the title of sexiest virtual star! Start producing your own erotic material in your very own studio with the hope of creating the next big blockbuster movie that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Needless to say, this game is obviously aimed at adults and is not suitable for younger audiences.

Big Bang Empire Screenshots

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