Bejeweled Blitz
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Bejeweled Blitz
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Bejeweled Blitz Description

Sparkles and colors as far as you can see! Don’t get distracted, however, as you need to focus your entire concentration on quick tactical thinking in this mobile game. All you have is 60 seconds to break a new record…


Welcome to the wonderful world of gems, sparkles, and beautiful colors! But don’t be fooled by the rocks that you see - instead of collecting these precious gems, it is your goal to destroy them in this mobile game. Bejeweled Blitz is a free-to-play match-3 game that requires your full attention, focus, and concentration - at least for 60 seconds, that is. The puzzle game is easily explained: Your goal is to match at least three gems of the same kind to make them disappear. This will grant you points that you collect for your high score. In order to match three gems, you will have to swipe your touchscreen to move them from one side to the next. The more jewels you wipe away at once, the higher your score will be. Keep in mind, however, that you merely have one minute to succeed.

That is not all there is to Bejeweled Blitz. To help you set the next high score, you will find several special gems on the field. Detonators, Scramblers and Multipliers will explode, destroy and multiply to give you a massive amount of points. Don’t worry about using these up too late within a match, as the Last Hurrah keeps the points piling up even after the time has run out. Rare gems will also boost your highscore into unimaginable heights.

Connect your game to your Facebook account to share your highscore with your friends. Beat your last record and climb on the leaderboards to become the ultimate Bejeweled master. If you have no experience with match-3 or puzzle games, you need not worry. An extensive tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about Bejeweled Blitz. You will quickly become a master of the genre.

If you’re looking for quick entertainment on the go, you should have a closer look at this mobile app. You will soon become addicted at breaking your own highscore and competing against your friends.

Bejeweled Blitz Screenshots

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