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Bears vs. Art
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Bears vs. Art Description

Have you heard of the proverb “like a bull in a china shop”? Well, how about “like a bear in an art gallery” instead!? Check it out in Bears vs. Art!


After Fruit Ninja, the guys and girls over at Halfbrick Studios are at it again! However, instead of destroying fruit as a ninja, your goal is to destroy art as a bear. It seems as though the Australian video game developer really has a thing for tearing things apart! The game is called Bears vs. Art, which is pretty much exactly what the app is about.

It appears that the quirky development studio has mastered the art of bizarre game concepts. In Fruit Ninja, players slipped into the role of a young ninja who was trained by his master in slicing fruit into smaller pieces with his hands. In Bears vs. Art, you slip into the role of a bear who direly wants to destroy famous pieces of art. We are still debating which idea is more bizarre! Destroying the artworks takes more than just strength and physical prowess. Bears vs. Art is a free-to-play puzzle game for Android and iOS devices. Instead of merely actively swiping your touchscreen to scratch the paintings, you have to use your brain to reach them in the first place. As you know, if you’ve been to an art exhibition lately, galleries are thoroughly protected and secured. Your goal is to overcome all obstacles and reach all art installations in each level.

There are more than 125 galleries in the puzzle game, and more constantly follow with each new update. Travel from level to level on the world map as you solve one puzzle after the next. Naturally, each stage gets a little more complicated, adding new obstacles that you have to overcome. There are lasers, traps, security officers and more! Successfully succeeding the levels rewards you with new costumes and other nifty prizes that will allow you to customize your bear. Who hasn’t wanted to ever dress their bear as a football player or ballerina?

Bears vs. Art is available for free in the Google Play Store and on iTunes.

Bears vs. Art Screenshots

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Bears vs. Art Videos

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Bears vs. Art News

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