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BC Wars
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BC Wars Description

Travel through time and experience the life of a caveman. Explore the vast world of Pangea and fight pre-historic creatures that threaten your very existence...


BC Wars is a free-to-play browser game that takes you back in time to live the life of a caveman. Raise your level by exploring the world and battling fearsome creatures from before time. Find items by exploring the world around you and sell them to other players or equip them yourself.

To make sure that you survive longer in this dangerous world, you will have to gain experience. You can gain experience in BC Wars by exploring areas and fighting dinosaurs. Every time that you discover something or win a battle, you will gain a certain amount of experience. Once you have gained enough, you progress to the next level.

As you raise your level in BC Wars, you will be able to improve your stats. Improving your stats will help you immensely as you venture out into the wilderness. By raising your stats, you make your character stronger and ensure your survivability.

You can fight other players or dinosaurs that you encounter along the way. When you discover a dinosaur while exploring in BC Wars, you have the opportunity to challenge it in battle. If you would rather fight other players, simply go to where the battles are happening and challenge them.

Equip weapons and armor to make the attacks and defense of your character stronger. BC Wars is full of items that you will find in your journeys, including food that will help you regenerate your energy. Performing tasks requires energy to spend in order to complete them.

Sell things that you find in BC Wars to other players. When you sell something on the marketplace you will receive money which you can use to buy other items. They could be better items than what you might find out in the world, so make sure to check it regularly.

Head out onto the mega-continent of Pangea and behold what is to be found in BC Wars. Become the king of the Stone Age in this free-to-play browser RPG.

by Kyle Hayth

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