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Battleswarm Description

This game combines the real-time strategy genre with the first person shooter genre, to create an experience rich in epic real-time battles and tactical thinking.


Battleswarm is a free-to-play client game, set in a game world infested with evil and powerful bug creatures. The strategic online game Battleswam lets you decide whether you will fight for good or for evil. Stepping into the shoes of an elite soldier, your mission is to destroy the bugs and restore balance to this once peaceful land. Alternatively you can plot and strategize the demise of humans alongside your almighty bug army – the choice is yours.

As a strong human soldier in the MMOG Battleswam, you are equipped with a host of extreme weaponry including flamethrowers, gauss guns, fire bombs and land mines, which will play a critical role in destroying your creepy-crawly opponents. Additionally you will also need to be kept as protected as possible from the strikes of your enemies with tough armor, shoulder guards and helmets.

As an authoritative leader of the bug colony, your mission is to inundate humans with as many creatures as possible, using combinations of the skills different bugs have to offer. Unleash the fury of the Terminator, the determination of the Berserker or the stealth qualities of the Assassin to wipe out the human race once and for all in the client-based game Battleswarm. Employ powerful genetic upgrades to increase the strength of your evil bug army.

Additional features of the free-to-play fantasy game Battleswarm include the option to form strong guilds with other players, and the combining of items and weaponry to create a powerful fighting force against your enemies.

by Kyle Hayth

Battleswarm Screenshots

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