Battlestar Galactica Online: Gifting Its Players a Big Birthday Bundle!

02/11/2015 05:34 am by William Hankin in NewsBrowser GamesShooter

We here at love birthdays! We also love video games. So, what's better than a video game celebrating its birthday? We can't think of much to be quite honest. When a video game turns one year older, its communities are rewarded with endless gifts, as is the case with Battlestar Galactica Online. Fans of the spaceship game will not want to miss out on this particular birthday present. The guys and girls behind the online title have released a bonus code, which unlocks 8 awesome rewards! Find it here below the jump: 


Using this code will unlock the following:

- 1* 46 Graeae Alpha Package (10 Map parts)
- 1* 46 Graeae Beta Package (10 Map parts)
- 1* 46 Graeae Gamma Package (10 Map parts)
- 1* Booster: 1.5x Merits/12 hours
- 2* Class-D2 Nuclear Warhead
- 2* Class-C2 Nuclear Warhead
- 2* Class-B2 Nuclear Warhead
- 2* Class-A2 Nuclear Warhead

The good news don't stop there, as it also appears that the folks over at Bigpoint Games (Seafight, ZooMumba) have finally found the solution to the Linear Accuracy bug, which is set to be fixed in the next update. 
Stay tuned for more Battlestar Galactica Online news!

Source: Official game homepage
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