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BattleSpace Description

An expansive universe awaits you in this free-to-play online game. It is up to you to conquer these expanses and bring the galaxies under your iron-fisted rule!


BattleSpace is a free-to-play, real-time strategy game that takes you to an online sci-fi world where tactics and strategy rule. Our solar system was destroyed a long time ago and now humanity has taken to the stars. Other alien races have been discovered and now we live side-by-side with them. However, it is not always peaceful in this universe and your rule will be challenged. You must conquer the galaxies with colonies and bases for your empire in BattleSpace, challening both other races as well as players online.

To fuel your growing empire, you will need to control raw materials as well. Such things as metal, gas and energy are incredibly important if you wish to win and create a powerful empire in BattleSpace. To do this, you will need to take over planets that have yet to be discovered, or if your enemies have already taken control of said planet, you can swoop in with your powerful fleet and take over their territory, but also steal their resources and add them to your own science fiction kingdom.

BattleSpace offers an incredibly detailed UI that gives a conqueror like yourself the perfect overview of all vital statistics. This has proven to be super helpful as you may find yourself with quite a large empire very quickly. Keeping an eye on how many troops you have ready, the size of your fleet and resources is important if you wish to defeat your opponents, rule over their planets and take back what is rightfully yours. Not every other player in BattleSpace is your opponent, however, as you are also welcome to join forces with like-minded space generals and build alliances in this browser game.

Sooner or later you will have completed all of the missions and encountered all of your enemies. Whether you decide to make friends or enemies with the other players from around the world is up to you, but in BattleSpace you only have one goal - to bring the universe under your control.

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