Battleship Destroyer Lite
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Battleship Destroyer Lite
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Battleship Destroyer Lite Description

Join other players in naval warfare by downloading this free app and going to war! Deploy turrets and cannons on your battleship's deck and take down as many enemy airplanes as possible while also creating your own missions in the scenario builder. Hooah!


There’s a good chance all of us grew up playing Battleship with friends, siblings or classmates during recess. Back then (depending on how old you are, of course), we could only dream of diving into a virtual reality to do the same; becoming a naval captain and sailing the Seven Seas; of taking on fellow gamers in action-packed matches that required a solid strategy and the right battle tactics. In Battleship Destroyer Lite, you get to do just that from the comfort of your mobile device. Downloading a massive client and staying glued to your computer is no requirement for playing this free-to-play app, as you can simply start up your iOS or Android mobile device to get started.

The amount of adventure maps Battleship Destroyer Lite has to offer varies. How come? Aside from regular single-player campaigns and multiplayer deathmatches, the mobile game also allows players to create their own scenarios and share them with the community. You too can turn your idea into reality by making use of the mission builder. Let your creative juices flow by molding terrain and adding a gripping and meaningful storyline to go along with the objectives. When everything is done, share your creation with other Battleship Destroyer players and receive valuable feedback. This is your chance to get involved with the game and work together with the developers. Step aside, World of Warships!

Your main goal in Battleship Destroyer Lite is to pick a fleet and customize the weapons available to your crew. Both cannons and turrets will be put to good use when shooting the Luftwaffe. Trying to bring down airplanes is no easy feat, so make sure to utilize the touchscreen technology of your smartphone or tablet to get the aiming right. Various weather conditions such as wind, rain or fog will put a new twist on battles in this free boat game.

Battleship Destroyer Lite Screenshots

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