Battles and Monsters
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Battles and Monsters
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Battles and Monsters Description

Jump into this wacky yet endearing version of the traditional trading card game. Collect fantastical monster cards and watch them come to life as you engage in PvP battles and embark on epic adventures.


Battles and Monsters, or BAM, is a free-to-play strategy card game where you can collect over 200 monster cards. Duke it out with other players in a colorful comic book world with vibrant graphics and hilarious dialog. Evolve your cards and strengthen your deck to ensure you have the upper hand before entering monster-versus-monster combat. Embark on quests to gain rewards and become immersed into a world where not just unicorns, but duocorns live!

Journey through fun adventures with your online pals where you will come across all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. Fight grueling bosses to win rewards and pick up cool items that will aid you in completing your quests. Make your way through the individual chapters of the Battles and Monsters story, starting at chapter one - Memory Gone, in which you will journey through the Vacant Planes, to get to the Caves of Confusions, before traveling to Frown Palace. If you couldn't guess by the place names, this is no ordinary game map but rather a land full of quirky surprises!

This free-to-play mobile game brought to you by Aeria Games (Chaos Heroes Online) allows you to collect a massive array of monster cards, which come to life and stand before you as warriors. The monsters that you collect differ greatly in size, strength, and ability. Choose to collect anything from giant blue-green electric serpents to purple saber-toothed fluff balls. As you progress further into the game you will be given the opportunity to evolve your favorite cards and in doing so, gain stronger monsters with more devastating attacks. For example, what might seem like just a sweet, clumsy skeletal sailor can actually evolve into a menacing green-eyed evil pirate.

This mobile card trading game is available for iPhone and iPads and contains many fun features that are optimized for iOS 5.1 or later. It has a comic book look and feel to it, with immersive graphics and detailed environments. Turn the volume up loud and listen out for the fun and classy sound effects that are assigned to each monster. We’ll let you guess what those might be….

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