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BattleKnight Description

Become a knight in shining armor or a dark robber baron who doesn’t care about laws at all. You alone choose what type of knight you want to be and how you develop your character. Become a ruthless outlaw or a proper soldier...


BattleKnight basically represents the original choice in your life as an online gamer. The browser game allows you to decide whether you want to follow a good or evil path. There is nothing in between. If you choose to be on the good side of life, you will become a hero of light. If you are seduced by the dark powers of evil, you become a robber. Which one will it be? Make your choice wisely, as there's no way to go back and change your mind other than starting a new in this browser-based RPG.

You can decide which side you want to fight for in the beginning of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) roleplaying game. As a squire-in-training you start your adventure in the medieval browser game. Your training and the decisions you make will eventually earn you a good or bad reputation. You will have to choose your very own path which hopefully leads to success.

The goal of the game BattleKnight is to rise as the most powerful knight. Your character continuously develops with each battle you fight. Whenever you win a fight, you’ll earn resources, experience and potentially valuable equipment. Losing a battle on the other hand could mean a major setback on your way towards fame and glory. You can use your resources to prepare yourself for fighting. As a knight you don’t have to challenge any opponents, but you can participate in prestigious tournaments and hear the crowd cheer you on.

Groups of players will be organized by the respective Orders in BattleKnight. The Orders provide protection for new squires and members. This will guarantee you a safe start into the medieveal browser game. Promise!

In BattleKnight you get premium account benefits for 30 days when you start playing. The premium account costs 30 gems. You do not necessarily have to buy it, as you can also earn it in the game.

BattleKnight Screenshots

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