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BattleForge Description

Team up with players from around the world as you partake in various missions to save the world. Master the cards in your deck to show that you have the best strategy in this free-to-play game.


BattleForge is a free-to-play real time strategy game (RTS) that takes you to a world under constant threat of destruction. You must fight to survive alongside your friends and companions in order to be back the constant onslaught, bent on your destruction.

In BattleForge, you must construct your own army out of various cards that will comprise you deck. Once you have a decent number of cards available to you, you can begin mixing and matching them to fit your strategy for the next mission.

There are several different missions that will challenge your skills in BattleForge. Some require that you defend a bastion or in others you may have to go on an all out assault on a target. Each battle requires different strategies, which you can prepare beforehand.

To build up your deck, or multiple decks, you can buy, sell or trade your cards on the BattleForge marketplace. This allows you to completely customize your deck and make it your own. Of course, some cards are rarer than others, making them quite expensive and valuable.

In addition to having several different types of cards that including units, buildings and spells, you can also upgrade cards. This will make the card more powerful, giving you that edge over your enemy. However, once a card has been upgraded, it is no longer tradable and will remain with that card. Do you have what it takes to stand against the approaching doom? Can you master your deck and strategies to be victorious?

by Kyle Hayth

BattleForge Screenshots

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