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Battlefield Play4Free Description

This first-person shooter takes you into the grueling setting of modern war, where you train an army of elite soldiers to strategically defeat your adversaries...


We wouldn't exaggerate if we said that Battlefield Play4Free combines the best qualities of three other Battlefield series developed by Electronic Arts (FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, The Sims FreePlay). You don't believe us? Well, see for yourself! The shooter features the RPG leveling found in Battlefield Heroes, the various classes and potent weaponry of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and the maps and vehicles found in Battlefield 2. It definitely seems as though Electronic Arts is aiming to create a supreme free-to-play client game.

In Battlefield Play4Free you enter a world where survival is crucial and war is everything. By using strategy and tactics, you head to the heat of the battlefield, in a tank, warplane or on foot. You partake in all-out intense vehicular warfare in 32 player battles. It is of utmost importance that you work together with your team to take out your enemies. Begin your promising career as a professional soldier and progress through the game as you learn new skills and claim victory over your enemies. With every success in Battlefield Play4Free comes rewards, and with those rewards comes powerful weaponry and sturdy equipment to ensure you become a fierce, specialized, and fully equipped soldier of war.

There are four classes in the first-person shooter including Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon. Choose your desired profession and begin your journey as a soldier-at-arms. You can play with over 16 warfare vehicles in Battlefield Play4Free including the swift F35 VTOL jet fighter and the mighty Russian T-90 main battle tank. With high-end graphics, this free-to-play first-person shooter takes you into a realistic war-torn world. Go down in game history as one of the most notorious soldiers of all time.

Battlefield Play4Free is available for free on all PCs. Simply register an account and download the client!

by Kyle Hayth

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