Battlefield Heroes Test: Colorful Comic Soldiers and Full-On Action

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We love to play games at So, when we finally had the chance to put the fun and comical shooter, Battlefield Heroes, to the test, we were most certainly not going to pass up such an awesome opportunity!
Over ten million brave cartoon heroes have already joined in the fight in the free-to-play shooter, Battlefield Heroes. It was our turn to enlist and find out what the colorful online game was all about. Melee combat, tossing grenades and putting knives between the ribs of our enemies were all on our to-do list.

The Royal Army or the National Army?

In Battlefield Heroes, there are two different factions to choose from – either the Royal Army or the National Army. The choice has really no implication on the gameplay, but we like the way the Royals look better than those mean-looking Nationalists. After we decided to fight on the side of the Royal Army, we had to choose what class we wanted to be. There are three different classes to choose from and they are the Gunner, Soldier and Commando. Each class has their own special abilities and skills. The Soldier is the most well-rounded of the classes and controls the tide of battle by supporting his teammates. The Commando on the other hand tends to be a little more subtle and does damage from far away. However, the Gunner is the one that really loves a good fight. He loads up on the heavy weapons and wreaks havoc on his enemies. We decided, since we are beginners, to play the Soldier class. A short while after choosing what we wanted to look like, we were ready for battle!

Choose from either the Royal Army or the National Army.

To Arms Gentlemen, To Arms!

Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes

Finally we got a chance to get into the action. We were quite surprised to find out that the game mode is automatically, and randomly, chosen. The giant “play now” button next to our newly created character was just far too tempting to click on anything else. So, that means we had to try our hand at capture the flag, not the easiest of modes for us greenhorns.
Our loadout consisted of two weapons, a couple grenades and our bandages which we could use to heal ourselves. In the middle of a map, we quickly had to get our bearings and find out where our enemy’s flag was at – we were helped by little tips that popped up every now and then, otherwise we would have been totally lost. In short time we had already fallen into the sights of our enemy… we had to quickly jump behind the house nearby in order to save ourselves. Of course, we ended up being found rather fast and took us down with a couple of well-placed shots. We felt a little overwhelmed as we kept playing and let’s just say, our score showed our experience!
Even though we ended up just being put right into the mix of things, we found out we could, in fact, choose what map and game mode we would like to play. We had a few options available to us - “Team Deathmatch”, “Hero of the Hill” and “Capture the Flag”, as well as “Random”.  There were certainly more choices when choosing maps.
Whether a showdown at sundown, fighting along the coast, going at it in the mountains (with and without snow), going head to head with others on the beach in night, winter or normal version, it is easy to see the map selection available. Naturally, it could have taken quite a bit of time to go through each map and check out the finer details, so we decided to go with one that really jumped out at us – the Moon Landing. The virtual battles didn’t just have to be on Earth apparently! Once again with our standard loadout, we headed up into the heavens and landed on the moon for our next challenge. We learned that we could use the low-gravity to our advantage and quickly took down a couple enemy players.
Back with our feet on the ground, we wanted to try our hand at the “Hero of the Hill” game mode on the Alps map. Our task was to take control of a rocket and prevent our enemies from doing the same. Time after time they came and tried to take our precious weapon, but to no avail. Fortunately for us, there was always more than enough ammunition to go around on every map – we are no marksmen. There were also plenty of places to hide and take cover when things got a little too intense, which is perfect for anyone still learning the ins and outs of Battlefield Heroes. With a little bit of teamwork and a little bit of luck, we soon had a number of wins under our belt.
We were able to keep track of how well we were doing thanks to the in-game statistics. After every skirmish, we were able to look and see how many times we took down our enemies and how often we were killed. A positive thing we noticed is that in Battlefield Heroes, even death on the battlefield is not taken seriously as characters will dramatically fall to the ground with a wonderful flourish.
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