Battlefield Heroes: Birthday Event – Get a Hefty Bonus to Celebrate!

06/29/2012 05:32 am in News

Get out your party hats and get down because publishers Electronic Arts have announced that Battlefield Heroes is celebrating its birthday and everyone is invited. They are even giving out bonuses for taking down your enemies!
Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes

A birthday would not be a birthday unless you have a way to make things exciting, right? Well, Electronic Arts feels the same way and are celebrating the birthday of Battlefield Heroes by encouraging players to really go all out on the battlefield.

There are three different milestones that players need to achieve in the next few days. As part of the birthday event in Battlefield Heroes, each milestone can be reached by the total number of kills players get.

With each unlocked milestone, there will be different prizes awarded:

Milestone 1
Goal - 20 Million Kills
Reward - 1 Treasure Chest Key

Milestone 2
Goal - 28 Million Kills
Reward - 5 Treasure Chest Keys

Milestone 3
Goal - 35 Million Kills
Reward - 10 Treasure Chest Keys

So get out there and start killing!

Source: Game homepage
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