Battlefield Heroes: Blast Off to the Moon with Latest Update

04/19/2012 08:32 am in News

It appears that the soldiers in the free-to-play shooter, Battlefield Heroes, are getting their chance to experience combat on the moon, thanks to publishers Electronc Arts rolling out a new map in their latest update to the online game.
Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes

Starting yesterday, the players of the free-to-play shooter, Battlefield Heroes, have the chance to travel to the moon. That is because in the latest update, publishers EA (Battlefield Play4Free, Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances) have introduced the new moon map, along with other additions as well.

When players log in to experience the new Lunar Landing map, they will also be able to get their hands on the newest weapons in Battlefield Heroes as well. This includes some high-powered laser weapons that take the online shooter into the space age.

However, that is not all because there are even new outfits available in Battlefield Heroes. Players will be able to customize their soldier with brand-new, space-themed outfits that are sure to fit right in while bounding around on the lunar surface.

Source: Game homepage
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