Battlefield Heroes
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Battlefield Heroes
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Battlefield Heroes Description

The quirkiest interpretation of the Battlefield series has arrived. With cartoon graphics, this first person shooter combines action with fun to produce an exciting online game.


Battlefield Heroes is developed by the same companythat is in charge of the intensely action-packed and mightily popular Battlefield series. In contrast to the other installments of the franchise, this free-to-play client-based game takes a much lighter approach to the third-person shooter genre, with fun graphics and light-hearted combat. Instead of gritty realism and a gory presentation, this online game features an ironic and sarcastic approach to a war game. That doesn't mean that Battlefield Heroes is a casual game though. You know as they say - don't judge a book by its cover!

There are two playable factions in the client-based shooter – The National Army and The Royal Army. Once you have downloaded the game client, you can begin your Battlefield Heroes adventure by joining one of these two army factions. The differences between them does not lie in their strength or artillery, but in their appearance, making it easy for you to quickly recognize your enemies.

There are also three playable character classes to choose from, which include the Gunner, the Soldier, and the Commander. Each of these classes carries two weapons and one explosive to use against vehicles, as well as varying skills and abilities. Abilities are upgraded through in-game experience and victories against enemies, allowing you to create a stronger and more successful Battlefield Heroes soldier.

There are nine weapons which you can master and use in combat against your enemies in the thrilling third-person shooter. These include pistols, shotguns, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, knives, rocket launchers, TNT and grenades.

If that sounds like too much to deal with, don't worry, as you start the game with a nifty tutorial which prepares you for all the thrilling and fast-paced battles that lie ahead in the online game Battlefield Heroes.

by Kyle Hayth

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