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BattleCry Description

Prove to your comrades that you don't need guns to win battles in this free-to-play multiplayer action arena. Join forces with the Royal Marines or team up with the Cossacks to show your loyalty and fight for a cause that will change your life forever...


Set in an alternate universe, BattleCry is a world in which a treaty forbids all nations to utilize black powder. There are no guns, no machines that require anything even remotely related to the powder and anyone part of the two warring factions has to fall back on conventional weaponry in the many fast-paced battles the free-to-play title. Soldiers following the sole purpose of fighting against their archnemesis have joined forces in this multiplayer action game to settle the score once and for all - and you are invited to lend a helping hand and lead one team to victory.

Up to 32 players have room on a BattleCry battlefield, ready to fight it out against each other and be victorious match after match. Both factions have a unique roster of available champions for you to choose from when wanting to engage in PvP battles. Here’s a selection of what the Royal Marines have to offer: the Archer who uses bow and arrow to take down enemy targets from afar, the Brawler who enjoys being at the forefront of the battle with a hammer as a substitute for his hand and the Gadgeteer that calls upon the help of kinetic powers to turn the tide of battle. How about the rivaling Cossacks, you ask? Well, they follow a more military approach when it comes to fighting.

Among others, the Cossacks have the following heroes to protect their honor: the Enforcer wielding a massive two-handed blade, the Tech Archer who will put your skills to the test by firing off two crossbows at the same time and the Gadgeteer who not only sports a snazzy mustache, but also has enough expertise to quickly bring down multiple foes at once. There are plenty of missions to accomplish in BattleCry and since it is a free-to-play online game, nothing’s stopping you from signing up and giving the MMO a try. Except maybe for the blood and violence that await you, of course.

BattleCry Screenshots

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BattleCry Videos

  • BattleCry: Weapons Galore in New Gameplay Teaser

    10/31/2014 06:49 am - From tower shields to whips that will electrify enemies: This competitive game from the house of Bethesda will offer players various ways to protect their country and fight for the ultimate bragging rights. This is a new BattleCry gameplay video...more

  • BattleCry: Gruesome Battles in New Multiplayer Arena

    05/31/2014 02:30 am - If you want a first glimpse at the upcoming free-to-play brawler by Bethesda, this is your best bet. It'll be some time before BattleCry becomes available to play, but that doesn't mean you can't get excited about joining the Cossacks or Royal Marine...more

BattleCry News

  • BattleCry: Future of the Action Game is Uncertain

    10/08/2015 07:58 am - The free-to-play action game from Bethesda has an uncertain future ahead of it. Although Beta sign-ups were open, nothing seems to have happened with BattleCry since. Back in 2014 Bethesda announced that they would be making a free-to-play...more

  • BattleCry: Sign Up for Bloody Action

    06/18/2015 09:39 am - It’s been awfully silent about Bethesda’s BattleCry. Exactly one year ago, the studio announced the multiplayer action game at the E3 in Los Angeles. It was going to be the studio’s first free-to-play title, which proved to us here at

  • BattleCry: Bethesda Announces Free-to-Play Brawler

    05/30/2014 03:59 am - When renowned studios like Electronic Arts or Blizzard make new games that are available for free, you know the free-to-play market is serious business and not to be underestimated. Now Bethesda has decided to join the free fun by announcing...more

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