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BattleCraft Description

In this free-to-play browsergame you recruit new heroes to fill up your deck of cards. Organize your troops in order to win adventurous duels against mythic creatures - which faction you pick is entirely up to you.


BattleCraft is an online trading card game in which you unlock new characters by gathering gemstones. Collecting troops gives you an advantage over your opponents, as every unit has unique abilities. Each hand holds sixteen different cards, consisting of character and supply cards. The cards that will be available to you during a fight are drawn randomly. May you draw well, my friends!

Because of this, fights are almost impossible to predict beforehand. It all comes down to which opponents you are facing: Demonic hellbeasts, sylvan creatures or skeleton infantry. Equip your troops with different kinds of charms, tomes or tactical upgrades in order to boost their strength. If one of your units seems susceptible to magical attacks, give them more health or increase their elemental defenses. Always keep in mind that enemy players also benefit from support cards, which are hidden from you and are only revealed once the battle gets going.

While attacking a single hostile mercenary might be easy, killing a horde of demons requires more than just random clicking. Winning a battle not only makes you more experienced, but also rewards you with shards - green diamonds that make up that main currency of BattleCraft. Similar to other roleplaying games, the loot you get depends on the difficulty of each fight.

As a commander it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the energy bar. If push comes to shove, your body is drained of power and your troops will lose morale. The little heart icons inform you of your health status: Once a unit's hit points are reduced to zero, they die and can no longer be used in the ongoing battle. This means that in BattleCraft, strategic combat is key. Never hesitate to reposition your troops - it might end up being the difference between life and death in this trading card game.

BattleCraft Screenshots

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