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Battle Pirates
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Battle Pirates Description

The oceans of the earth have been cast under a dark spectre, the evil Draconian Empire has laid waste to the civilizations that once thrived here.


In the MMORTS Battle Pirates, you must fortify the island on which you make your last stand and fight back against the Draconian Empire. You find yourself on the side of the few survivors of the Draconian’s evil reign, calling yourselves the Forsaken. You must utilize the scarce resources on your miniscule island with the utmost efficiency in order to have any hope of surviving the constant attacks from the Draconian forces. Their endless onslaught will test your skills as a fleet commander on the high seas. Recruit an army of units eager to protect you during combat to make it big in this browser-based online game.

After you have secured a foothold on your remote island in Battle Pirates, it is time to expand your reach and move out, taking the fight to the Draconians. Your main concern will be raising a seaworthy fleet of warships, outfitted with the most advanced weapon systems you can get your hands on, building as many ships as possible and utilizing the strengths of your various warships to your advantage. Discover and exploit the weaknesses of your opponents to make the best use of your fighting force and incurring as few losses as possible during any given engagement with your foes.

With your reputation as a sea faring scourge of the Draconian Empire spreading out far faster than your fleet can travel, you will surely see pushback from these evil power hungry warmongers. Even when your crusades across the open ocean are at their most successful, you must not forget to fortify your base with upgraded weaponry and stronger defenses as the technology of friends and foes alike continues to advance.

When you finally reach the pinnacle of your naval strength it is time to attack. Team up with friends and any other members of the Forsaken to take on the Draconian Empire once and for all. Defeat them and drive them from the seas forever as you take up arms in the MMORTS Battle Pirates.

by Jonathan Smith

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