Battle of the Immortals
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Battle of the Immortals
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Battle of the Immortals Description

Explore the vast world of Motenia, still wreaked by havoc caused from the devastating Ragnorak over 300 years ago. Slay terrifying creatures you meet along the way, and change the fate of Motenia...


The free-to-play client game Battle of the Immortals, published by American company Perfect World Entertainment, is an MMORPG that features both Norse Mythology and elements of Qin Dynasty.

Battle of the Immortals takes you to the dark world of Motenia, where immortals are living in fear of the impending doom that the Dragon Emperor will bring, should he arise from his curse. Rumors are whispering through the wind that the overlord and his army are stirring and will soon find a way out. You are called upon to defend the immortals from this evil force wielding all your skill and strength. Do you have what it takes to challenge the evil creatures that roam the fantasy lands?

Choose from one of five unique character classes including the Berzerker, Champion, Slayer, Heretic, and Magus. Each character has unrivaled skills and attributes that will help you defeat your enemies and rise to victory. In Battle of the Immortals there is a comprehensive mount and pet system, whereby you can reincarnate your pet to increase its size and strength as you gain experience. With experience you are able to fortify your mount to make it the most powerful and valiant mount.

Join or form an exclusive guild, and take on blood-curdling and dangerous guild quests for the opportunity to receive rewards. Make friends and network with other thrill-seeking players. Take part in epic fights or frantic duels in dark eerie dungeons or colossal arena zones. Battle of the Immortals features elements of both PvP and PvE battles, ensuring the action never stops. Earn rewards through the exciting quest system, trade the powerful ZEN at the marketplace, and even get married to another player in this fantasy client game.

Rise to the challenge as you look into the faces of your evil enemies, and fight for the fate of Motenia.

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