Battle of Heroes: Ubisoft Launches Clash of Clans Type Game

11/04/2014 09:02 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsFantasyAction

Battle of Heroes

Battle of Heroes

We realize that it sounds quite negative to write “Clash of Clans type game”, but let us explain. Supercell’s mobile game has managed to rejuvenate a genre that has been around for ages. Not only has the success of Clash of Clans led to a renaissance of the combat strategy genre, but the mobile game has also managed to influence the genre itself like few other games before. Take it as the League of Legends of the action RTS genre, or the Super Mario of the jump and run genre. Ubisoft is the next one in line to release their own interpretation on November 6th, when Battle of Heroes launches in the iTunes Store worldwide. 
In Battle of Heroes, players will delve into the fantastical world of Évagar, a place that is torn by war. Each civilization battles it out against the other. Only the strongest survive. Players will be the leader of a citadel, building the city’s defenses, assigning archers, and constructing outposts and catapults. What is the main difference to all of the other games of the genre? Ubisoft stresses the combat RTS’s single player campaign which introduces the world to players and allows them to discover new heroes. Aside from that, players will be able to take control over heroes in battle. This is most certainly a difference to other RTS games. 

Battle of Heroes will be available for free for iPhones and iPads on November 6th. Whether there will also be an Android release will have to be seen! 

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